7 November 2020 Fr. Ely Dalanon

purchase Ivermectin Chaplain, Filipino Catholic Chaplaincy and

Ms. Marizel Rojas

Bikol Society Austria

Wienerfeldgasse 11, 1100

Vienna, Austria

Dear Fr. Dalanon and Ms. Rojas:

Pax Christi!

On October 26, 2020, Typhoon Quinta hit the Bicol region resulting in flooding, storm surges and landslides in high risk areas. Agricultural lands, fishponds, electric posts, communication facilities and others were greatly damaged. Economic activities were hampered because of power failure, connectivity problem and others. Not long after Typhoon Quinta, on November 1, 2020, Typhoon Rolly, the strongest typhoon in the world in 2020, hit Bicol region again. It devastated mostly the coastal communities as storm surges, landslides and strong winds ravaged the houses, fishing boats, fishing gears, fishponds and agricultural farms of indigent populace. Typhoon Rolly’s landfall in Sagnay-Tigaon not only paralyzed the economic and educational activities of the private individual, businesses and government transactions, but also rendered more than a thousand of families along high risks zones – coastal shores and farm lands – homeless, hungry, wounded and jobless. I have attached herewith some pictures of damaged houses and farm lots.

This heartrending situation compels us, the Associates in Research and Community Empowerment Services (ARCES), Inc. to engage, once again, in humanitarian activities, to help out, in whatever ways we can, the poverty stricken communities, particularly in this time of crisis. We are a Non-Government Organization committed to engage in poverty alleviating activities, particularly through research and community empowerment. We are a member of a national coalition of urban development workers called Philippine Support Services Agencies or PHILSSA based in Metro Manila. We, at ARCES, are non-salaried. We maintain a lean staff all on voluntary basis. To sustain our humanitarian efforts, we collaborate with other academic and development entities within and outside our outreach areas. Two of these areas are Municipalities of Sagnay and Tigaon, Camarines Sur. In early 2019, we collaborated with the Partido State University in reaching out to the victims of landslide in Patitinan, in the same municipality of Sagnay, Camarines Sur. In this year, we are collaborating again with the same entity in helping out the Local Government Units of the said municipalities respond to the needs of the victims.

Because the present needs of Typhoon Rolly’s victims is beyond our limited resources, we are soliciting assistance from friends, relatives, and good hearted organizations, domestic and international, who have the capacity to extend their support no matter how small.

In this light, we are humbly soliciting cash donation from your benevolent group to help us provide the needs of the victims of storm surge brought by Typhoon Rolly: 529 families (Barangay Nato), 352 families (Barangay Sto. Nino) and 188 families (Barangay Atulayan island). Their houses and belongings have been totally washed out. The money we will be accumulating will be spent for the purchase of food, canned goods, clean water, laminated plastic sheets for shelter, kitchen kits, hygiene kits, and sleeping kits for the victims. These data we are sharing with you were gathered from the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer. Please send your cash donation to our Peso Bank account in the Philippines.

The details of which are:

Account name: Associate in Research and Community Empowerment Services, Inc

Account number: 006828012209

Name of Bank: Banco de Oro

Address of Bank: SM Naga City


Your assistance to the victims of Typhoon Rolly is greatly appreciated.

May God continue to bless your giving heart and lending hands. Dios Mabalos!


More Power,

CRISTINA P. LIM, PhD Executive Director

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